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News from My Little Home in Rome…

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on January 24, 2009

Wow…what a year!

So much has been happening here lately that I’m only now getting a chance to take a long breath, relax and jot down a few lines to those of you who have been so kind as to subscribe to this blog…….

December was an incredibly busy time for me …last year, some of the highlights which I really enjoyed are mentioned below (I plan to give you some links to follow as well)…

One of the situations I particularly enjoyed was playing with the TC Gang for a series of large private events for the SKY TV network…it was a series of holiday parties for their entire Italian staff . We played in Cagliari (on the enchanting island of Sardegna),then Rome (my adopted hometown)and finallyMilano, the economic nerve center of Italy (the italian stock market and major investment banks are located there). We played funky jazz and Old School Soul featuring the superb vocals of Romina Johnson…and yes, I’ll admit it,I’m a hopelessly in love fan of her’s since the first time I heard her sing“live”…she’s sooo bad and soulful! The band was cookin’ too…Piero “The Gentle Giant” Masciarellion guitar, the marvelous Carlos Sarmiento on keyboards, Tim Fritz (PHAT bass!), myself on alto sax and flute, and of course the leader Tony “TC” Cerqua on drums…..

.. ..

Oh yes then there was the showcase for another incredible female vocalist, Sara Grimaldi(and she really is incredible with an amazing 5 octave vocal extension!) She’sone of the most requested singers in Italy, if not Europe for house and dance recording projects…not too mention her wide recognition as featured females oloist with italian pop star Zucchero “Sugar” Forniciari. Actually we met on the Zucchero gig, I played with them for the making of the “Best of Zucchero“LIVE” DVD…(in stores now). We had a great time, my son, Victor was handling the shooting of a video of the event…great night for all…nice vibe! ….

Sara is a very special talent so I’m very pleased to announce that she has already recorded some killin’ tracks for my upcoming second CD release! (more about that later)….

I think you will be hearing a lot from Sara in the near future as I know she is working on a solo project as we speak !….

The very popular Lounge band “Gabin” called me for a one-nighter in St. Petersburg (Russia)…what can I say…it was an incredible gig, they are moderately known in Italy and western Europe but in the Eastern countries, especially Russia…they are HUGE! My mind was blown when I saw what a great bunch of fans they have …I mean, to me, they are just good friends I play with sometimes or work for sometimes…great guys…there, they are pop stars….interesting and cool!….

Another nice situation was getting called to do the inauguration of the new andultra-chic “Cavalli Club” in Florence…I called my friend and favorite keyboard/pianist, Carlos Sarmiento (who played all keyboards on my debut solo project“Old Sax Nu Soul”) and we did it as a cool-jazz duo…very smooth vibe.Everything went smoothly and actually, we’ve been asked to return for one weekend a month…nice!

In the between times I played some recording sessions for various projects in the studio (mine too)…one to check out is italian pop star Giorgia’s latest release 3 CD set called “Spirito Libero”…very nice …another spectacular vocal performer!

I type very, very slowly so I’m glad to be almost finished telling you about the latest news from around here…….

I guess this  number wouldn’t really be complete without mentioning my 2 days on the italian island of Capri with Agostino Penna’s Movie Band for the Capri-Hollywood Film Festival & New Year’s Eve Galà…wow…got to meet Forest Whitaker and Samuel Jackson, two of my favorites! Plus the extra-special chance to meet and hang briefly with the beautiful and talented Eva Mendes (somebody help me…wow!)….

See what I mean?….

So…that’s all for now…my typing resistance is kind of fading away……..

Thanks for listening…enjoy the music!


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

His new book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” can be ordered or downloaded here:

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