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High Quality Gig Flow Control? That’s right!

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on June 1, 2009

Photo by Valentina Cinelli

Photo by Valentina Cinelli

High Quality Gig Flow Control?

In my book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” I talk a lot about various areas of musical and psychological preparation to work on in order to improve and find work as a saxophonist in whatever part of the world you live in.

Today I’d like to direct your attention to a major area in which I feel we all should remain focused….I’m talking about High Quality Gig Flow Control.

So what’s that? High Quality Gig Flow Control means finding ways to do smooth running, sophisticated and seamless shows/gigs which create extremely satisfied repeat clients for your shows, especially your high-end gigs such as VIP events, receptions, and social functions in general.

Don’t have any high-end gigs yet? Okay, no problem. Try out these simple ideas and see what happens! Let’s go…

• Be relaxed, precise and professional in all communications with clients (the people that pay you).

• Always be extremely punctual.

• Target and tailor your set list for the situation. Understand and satisfy the needs/desires of the client.

• Completely eliminate “dead” moments on stage. Have a plan and follow it. (This is soooo important, “dead” time on stage is so like, uh, nowhere. Extremely uncool..)

• Continuosly improve your personal stage presence (and that of the group as a whole). So, of course this includes wearing something appropriate and please, take a shower!

• Prepare promotional materials (business cards, cd’s, etc) and keep them handy for distribution to future clients who will contact you at your gigs. (Check “The Saxophone Survival Kit…” for info about getting those first gigs.)

• Maintain a friendly, professional relationship with everyone involved (client, guests, caterers, sound techs, security people, etc)

So that’s it for now….High Quality Gig Flow Control….try it, you’ll like it!

Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

His new book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” can be ordered or downloaded here:

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One Response to “High Quality Gig Flow Control? That’s right!”

  1. Zoltan said

    Hi Eric,

    These rules are so true – they sound natural but still so many people miss them so often.


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