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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on January 10, 2010

10 January 2010

Here’s something quick I’d like to share with you.

The other night I played a “special guest” gig here in Rome with Francesca Ciommei, a talented jazz singer and Pino Iodice, a very tasty guitarist. They normally do a duo but for this occasion we became The Acoustika Pop Trio…

Both of them are a real joy to play with because, not only are they excellent musicians, they are easy-going and fun to be with before, during and after the gig so…how can you lose?
Good interplay …

The club was very nice, a place called “Cantine Blues” in Rome, lot’s of wood, warm lighting and cool jazz background music going, not too loud. The owner offered us great hospitality and all the staff was very friendly. The whole vibe was so warm I had to “tweet” about it to my peeps on Twitter in real time before the show!

Needless to say, the gig was  fun and seemed to just fly by…we made some nice music together and the crowd was so responsive that we could not get off the stage! We stayed on for three encores before finally saying goodnight.

I know it may sound corny but there was “a lot of love in the house” that night!

We felt it, the listeners felt it and the club owner felt it…we ended up hangin’ out chatting with folks (sold a few CD’s) and taking photos with people for about another hour before finally heading home. We’ll do it again soon and I’m sure the next time will be as cool or even better!

So….you tell me, what’s love go to do with it?

See you soon!


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

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