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Social Media for Musicians

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on February 25, 2010

From “the Road”, 25 Feb. 2010

Bloggin' on the road...

Hello hello! It’s that time again…that’s right, time to take a look at Ariel Hyatt’s book, “Music Success in Nine Weeks” and in particular Week Four: Social Media for Musicians.

Today’s post is a little different as I’m writing it  as I travel by train from Rome to Scalea,a small city on the Mediteranean, in the southern region called Calabria. I’ll be doing a guest soloist gig with the Umberto Napolitano Jazz Trio for 4 concerts in that area starting tomorrow. Should be fun!

In the meantime, this is a five hour train ride  so let’s see what we can do with it!  In my blogging arsenal for today are the following items: my little Acer Netbook, a small notebook, a pencil, one small digital camera….so far so good.

If you have been following this blog, you’ll have seen the video-clips dealing with Weeks One, Two and Three from Ariel’s book, if not, check them out. They deal with the areas of  Goal Setting, development and use of your Perfect Pitch, and Website Optimization, respectively.

So, you see I’m very tempted to attempt another video, this time “on the road”,  using the video setting of the little digital camera and a video editing program that just barely works on my little Acer netbook.

So right now, a part of me is going over the pro’s and con’s of this video “on the fly” idea, while another part of me says “keep typing and try to start making some sense quick before everybody just get’s up and leaves”…so here you go.

Ariel Hyatt is an expert in Cyber PR,  and really has jammed this chapter full of great info you need to get you up to speed on using Social Media to promote yourself and your music. It’s a big area but she touches all the bases to get you off in the right direction.

Her list  of “must have’s” includes Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Podcasting, among others. She provides all you need to know to get started on these platforms and, if you are already using them, how to use them more effectively. Thanks to her advice, I recently set up an account on Music Alley (for Podsafe music) and have already begun getting some play from the podcasters who come there looking for new music!

Another place that I use and particularly like is ReverbNation. There you’ll find lot’s of widgets, band management tools and excellent apps that interface nicely with Facebook’s “My Band” area, as well as the possibility to insert your feeds from Twitter. ReverbNation is what I’m using to reorganize my mailing list.

I love using Twitter! It’s a real killer tool once you get started using it and have built up a following. It kind of ties everything together and allows you to drive traffic to wherever you want by combining short messages which can also contain links; things you feel may be of interest to your fans like your music, photos, videos, blog articles, anything at all you feel like sharing with them, or you can join other conversations, make new contacts, whatever….it’s great because you can do it all from your cellphone!

Ariel explains very clearly how to set it all up and start using it.

I could go on and on but I think you’ve gotten the picture…  Ariel’s book rocks and is a great value as it also includes a lifetime membership on her exclusive Mastermind Forum site! That’s where we all kind of hang out   and share info about what we’re doing, what’s working, what’s not working, new angles on marketing our music, interacting better with fans and lot’s more.

Check my blog roll in the column to the right for a link to Ariel’s Cyber PR blog for more info about “Music Success in Nine Weeks”.

I’ll probably do a video about this as well but for now…that’s all folks!

See you soon…have fun,


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

His new book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” can be ordered or downloaded here:

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