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Real life…at last!

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on March 10, 2010

Rome, Italy

Hi, welcome back!

Wow…we are zipping right along! Already time to consider the area of  Networking in Real-life “Live” situations.

This is a great topic to me , I mean, this is where you, The Artist can come through in an Up Close and Personal kind of way…chatting, hanging out, just being yourself and getting to know people day in and day out. Real life…at last!

I touched on this area in my previous post about collecting email addresses and building a mailing list but it bears repeating. Real life situations are a great time to cop email addresses…much warmer and hopefully memorable moments.

For me, hangin’ out after gigs, talking to the people who came out to see the show is probably my favorite time to strengthen my contacts with fans, shake some hands, chill and if the vibe is right ask people for their info so I can add them to my mailing list. At the very least, find out if they are on Facebook, add them as friends later and eventually go for the email with a message on Facebook, (depending on the vibe, add a link to something cool like your latest video or music player widget when you do this.)

Ariel Hyatt, one of my fave music marketing experts, has some very good tips about real-life networking in her book “Music Success in Nine Weeks” which I highly recommend.

She emphasizes that the key to good networking is to be “memorable”…but how can we be more memorable? She states something that we all know but often forget: Listen more, talk less. Let it be about THEM …be receptive, not aggressive or “pushy”.

Always have your business cards at hand but keep them to yourself until asked for them, in the meantime, absolutely ask THEM for THEIR card, they are dying to give it to you….and follow up in a friendly way by phone or email the next day. Try to keep follow ups friendly not “sale-sy”, building rapport should be your goal at this time.

Ariel suggests that before going into  potential real-life networking situations such as; parties, weddings, conferences, etc…get your agenda together. Who do you want to get to know? What is your mission, emails collection, gig promotion, information gathering? Take five minutes to get relaxed, focus on the goal, then walk into the room and have fun!

I’d love to hear about your networking ideas as well, so please feel free to comment to this post!

See you soon…and remember, “Straight ahead, and strive for tone!”

Til next time,


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

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