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So tell me…how big IS it?

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on March 10, 2010


“The size of your Mailing List = The size of your Income” (Ariel Hyatt)


This quote from “Week Seven” of Ariel Hyatt’s book,“Music Success in Nine Weeks”,  goes straight to the heart of the matter, in fact she emphatically states that, “I believe your email newsletter list is your most valuable asset.”

I totally agree with her on this point and in fact, when I read her book the first time, I immediately added this area to my “Goals” list, and began working on my target of collecting at least 1000 opt-in emails by May 24th (my birthday, and yes I do love gifts…even email addresses!)…so far so good, I’m halfway there already!

Actually, I have always collected emails and have several thousand tucked away in my computer, but have only recently begun getting them into decent order . By getting them in order I mean inserting them, one by one, into the opt-in e-mail list management system I’ve begun using over at ReverbNation (they have lot’s of lovely goodies for collecting emails, organizing newsletters, updating concert dates, etc…all set up for you to use without your having to be a computer wizard!)

I personally recommend to all my musician/independent artist friends to set up an account on ReverbNation, have a good look around, and start taking advantage of the many “widget” devices they offer.

Go have a look!

So, back to the Mailing List…

You have to become an “E-mail Collecting Machine”…here are some things I do to grow my list. (Ariel mentions many more ways in her book.)

Whenever I meet people, talk with them and get the vibe that they appreciate my music, ask me about my concert dates,etc… I ask them if they’d like to give me their email address so I can keep them in the loop about where I’ll be playing, new videos, etc…they always say yes!
I have them write their info down in a little black back-pocket size Moleskin memo book…it’s a nice item…people like to write their names and addresses into it. Later, when I have time, I insert the info into the Fanreach Mailing List app over on ReverbNation. They are now officially on the list to receive communications from me periodically, once they opt-in.

Another way is saving all e-mail correspondence into a folder in my email program. From time to time I go through these messages, copy the adresses and, once again, insert them into the ReverbNation “FanReach” management application. Sometimes I’ll send a quick note them asking if they’d like to be on the list and if so, to click on a link which takes them to a sign up widget on my site at

Many people list their e-mail addresses on Facebook as well. Send them a message with a link to opt-in to the list.

Here are some more ideas from Ariel about this critical area:

Set short, medium and long-term goals and deadlines for yourself in this area and stick to them.

Try ideas for collecting email addresses from onstage at your gigs…one example of her’s is to take a moment DURING your show to raffle off a copy of your CD, people put the cards or scraps of paper with their name and email address into a box/hat/bag/whatever to participate. Later, send all these people your opt-in note…this is also a good time to thank them once again for coming out to see your show! This is also a great way to plug your CD from onstage…do photos with the winner!

Remember…Facebook, MySpace,Twitter and all the other social networks you use are great but, in the end, it’s your Mailing List that will have to get the job done…

So tell me…How big IS it?

That’s it for now…check you soon!

All the best,


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

His new book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” can be ordered or downloaded here:

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