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Something for the future…now!

Posted by ericdanielandfriends on March 10, 2010

Rome, Italy (The Eternal City)

Hello hello! Welcome back …. Thanks for droppin’ by!

This post deals with a concept that ties in well with the “1000 True Fans” concept I touched on a couple of posts ago. We’ll have a look at setting up ways to create continuos income from your core fan/customer base over the years to come as your following grows.

I don’t know about you, but this idea sounds very good to me and well worth the effort to acheive!

So what’s the deal?

Well, the deal is this: Build a rock-solid fan base of at least 1000 strong (but by all means, don’t stop there!), get them opted-into your newsletter group and gradually build your credibility and trust with them.
Make them feel at home with you, show them beautiful things, the latest happenings,  great sounds, cool merchandise, exclusive fan events and make many items available…for free: bonus track downloads (when you get the email address), for cheap: (single mp3’s), a bit more expensive but not too: (complete album downloads), etc…all the way up to private “live” gigs for your true fans with more dough!

Ariel is a master of this concept so listen well to this advice. It is the future…now!


Oh yes, I’m talking about Ariel Hyatt.

Her book, “Music Success in Nine Weeks”, deals extensively with this topic in chapter nine (Week Nine). She mentions the pre-requisites for getting into a “Continuum Program” relationship with your fans.

1)      A functioning  monthly or bi-monthly newsletter

2)      A steadily growing mailing list (the bigger the better!)

3)      Time alotted each week for developing the list and newsletter

4)      Info from your fans about what they want. (Survey results)

Now, in my case…I’m still getting the newsletter into gear and would also like to have my list up to at least 1000 members before moving on this idea…but that’s the direction I’m going in for sure!

To get the ball rolling, Ariel mentions some possible ways of setting up your eventual “Continuum Program” …but I don’t want to ruin the surprise…so go over to Ariel’s site, download the book and read it, then read it again…then get moving!

That’s all I’m going to say for now…it’s been a pleasure!

See you soon, and always remember… “Straight ahead and strive for tone!”

Til soon,


Eric Daniel plays sax and flute and is the ringleader of Eric Daniel & Friends. Their CD “Old Sax Nu Soul” is on the Quatro Miglio Quality Music label and can be purchased online from iTunes Store and

His new book “The Saxophone Survival Kit, A Guide for Aspiring Professional Saxophonists…or just anyone!” can be ordered or downloaded here:

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